Inverted Aeropress : Basics

What better place to start than the aeropress, its where it all began for me receiving my first on a trip through America i have not looked back since. This simple and easy to use device produces an amazing cup with minimal effort and Provides endless opportunities for experimentation. (Its compact and portable design also make it great for travel) Which is what i use it for most of the time.


  • Aeropress
  • Filters 
  • Padle/Stirrer 
  • Filter Coffee
  • Scales
  • Timer
  • Mug/Cup



  1. First things first get the kettle on to boil. 
  2. weigh out 16 grams of coffee and grind medium course (feels like table salt).
  3. We are going to place our Aeropress upside down on our scales (this is the inverted method) and add our coffee grinds, then zero your scales.
  4. At this point your water should be boiled so over the top of your mug you are going to wet the Aeropress filter. This gets rid of any papery tastes while also pre heating your cup.
  5. Time to make some coffee, start your timer and pour 32 grams of water into the aeropress making sure to wet all the grounds and wait 30-35 seconds, this is called the bloom and its to let the coffee degas before we start the brew while this is happening empty the water out of your mug.
  6. Add the rest of your water until you are at 250grams this is our final brew weight.
  7. Stir the brew making sure its all mixed in well and none of the grounds are clumped up.
  8. Fix the filter back onto the aeropress and press down gently to releace some of the air trapped inside
  9. At 1:10 its time to pop your mug on top of the aeropress and flip the whole thing over onto the table and begin to press, SLOWLY!
  10. As soon as you hear air hissing out of the filter stop plunging, we are aiming to hit this point at 1:45-1:55.
  11. All done now its time sit back and enjoy!!!

Tip: Remember this is a starting point every coffee is different so i suggest changing the grind size to adjust taste to your liking.